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Our mission is to deliver interdisciplinary STEM resources and tools to educators that give them the skills and confidence necessary to elevate learning.

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Estes Education provides educators with the tools for success through our products, lessons, and support. Estes has been a leader in STEM education for 63 years, reaching 500,000 students annually. We believe in the interdisciplinary nature of the STEM disciplines and strive to ensure students are prepared for an ever-changing workforce. All education content includes 21st century skills and complimentary NGSS and/or Common Core standards. Estes ensures the success of every educator so that they can easily implement rocketry in their classrooms, youth programs, and beyond.


We want to make sure you have all the skills and confidence to use our products. Reach out to us for a FREE training to learn the basics of rocketry, how to set up a flying field, finding the right product or lesson, and additional tips for success. We tailor the training to your classroom or program!






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Nicole Bayeur

Director of Education


Nicole Sjoblom, PhD

Education & Outreach Specialist

Nicole is on a mission to improve science education for youth across the nation. Trained in biology and child psychology, she has a background in teaching elementary school science and 6 years’ experience in the education industry. In addition, she leads teams of educators to a school in Haiti to share science teaching techniques and collaborate on science laboratory programs. Her passion for teaching drives her to lead the education programs at Estes with a vision to empower educators through model rocketry education programs that transform student performance.

Born and raised in Vermont, Nicole fell in love with STEM after her first Estes rocket launch at the age of 8. She went on to receive her Ph.D. in Biochemistry as a National Science Foundation fellow, actively leading community outreach and initiatives. Nicole has worked with several organizations, schools, and universities to teach and create successful programming. Nicole has many passions that she brings to the Estes Education team including advocating for STEM, effectively communicating science, and making education inclusive. Her favorite rocket is the Green Eggs Rocket because of its size and clear payload section, perfect for fun payloads including the Pocket Lab!

Kathy is in her fifteenth year of teaching and is currently the STEM Coordinator and 6-8th grade Science Teacher at Notre Dame School of Milwaukee. She serves on several boards, as the secretary for the National Middle Level Science Teacher Association and is a frequent presenter at NSTA Conferences. Kathy, the owner of Zanilu Educational Services, is a model rocket enthusiast and currently works as a content specialist for Estes Rockets.


When not teaching, writing grants for classroom equipment or looking up at the night sky, Kathy, and her family can be found on a boat- somewhere! They have sailed the Florida Keys, the Great Lakes and the British Virgin Islands but most of the summer is spent in beautiful northern Wisconsin catching rays and catching fish!

My name is Kim Sturm and I currently teach 7th and 8th grade math at Notre Dame School of Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI. I have been teaching at Notre Dame School of Milwaukee since January of 2020. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with my Bachelor of Arts in education with an emphasis in English and math.

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Kathy Biernat

STEM & Science


Kim Sturm


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