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Meet the Star Hopper – the world’s first interplanetary spacecraft. A Small fleet was constructed and tested, and by 1955, they were ready to protect the skies from alien invaders. Or so we were told…

Bulk Pack (12 Rockets)


Why the Star Hopper Bulk Pack?

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No Experience or Extra Supplies Necessary

This beginner level rocket can be built in 30 minutes with no glue or paint necessary. Build and launch up to 400 ft all in the same day.

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STEM and Crafting Combined

Star Hopper snaps together, no glue required, and is made from the smallest number of possible parts. Campers can make it their own by decorating with markers or stickers. This is perfect for camps that want to combine crafting with rocketry.

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Perfect for Camps with Limited Space

Are you worried about storage or launch space? No worries! The Star Hopper is 7.4 inches and can be used with several engines to accommodate field sizes as small as 50 ft. x 50 ft. The 1/2A3-4T engine bulk pack is perfect for even the smallest launch sites.



Get the Star Hopper Starter Bundle

Everything you need to create memorable camp activities that will last a lifetime.

Star Hopper Bulk Pack

Star Hopper Bulk Pack

  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Build Time: 30 Minutes or Less
  • Building Supplies: None!
Engine Bulk Pack

1/2 A3-4T Engine Bulk Pack

Lifetime Launch System

Lifetime Launch System


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