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It is our mission

to give you the tools and confidence necessary to take learning to new heights at home. Model rocketry is the perfect activity for your students to learn a variety of interdisciplinary topics with a hands-on approach. Our lesson and activities can be easily integrated into your homeschool program. Ignite curiosity with Estes to inspire and prepare your children!

Activities & Lessons

Our lesson plans and activities are free to download and include resources to create unforgettable experiences. You can find what works best for you and your student depending on time availability, topic, and Estes product.

Activities & Lessons

Student Doing Activity

Beginner Rocketeer

Students and Teachers Launching Rockets

First Time Family

Are you interested in bringing rockets into your home but unsure where to begin? Discover rocketry basics such as finding the perfect rocket, setting up a launch, and staying safe. Estes Education is committed to ensuring your activities (and rockets) get off the ground.

Homeschool Products

We have many exciting products that can be seamlessly added to your homeschooling family. Get only the items that you need for your lesson and launch by searching our single packs of rockets and engines.

The Rocket Science Starter Set includes everything needed to build and launch. A great place to start!

Homeschool Products

Kid Building Rocket

Inspire the next generation!

Student and Adult Launching Rocket

Inspire the next generation!

The STEM workforce is rapidly growing, and students need to be ready for future careers. Integrating STEM experiences early on allows children to build confidence and develop foundational skills. Let Estes Education support you in facilitating engaged and empowered learning.


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