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Rocket On Student Guide

Grade 4-9 | 5 (7 hour) Days

This youth program and summer camp guide is a complete 5-day program. Rock(et) On includes all the activities you need to create a holistic aerospace experience. Activities highlight a variety of topics including STEM, art, physical activities, leadership, and teambuilding. Participants will have the opportunity to design, build, and launch rockets as well as be creative and create videos. You can also adapt this guide to your program’s needs if you only need a few activities.


Leader Background

Why Rocketry?

The key to successful educational initiatives is to create value for what you are teaching. It is important to continually connect the lessons/activities to WHY they are important. When given value, students are more inclined to be attentive and stay engaged. This creates deeper interest and passion for STEM related activities and careers.

Rocketry provides

  • Connection to STEM Careers: Rocketry and many other design, build, fly competitions are deeply connected to STEM related fields. Creating passion for these things will inspire students to explore careers they might not have previously been interested in or exposed to.
  • Skill Building: Many important skills can be gained from STEM activities. These skills will help students achieve success in many places including: school, college, future careers, and in life, regardless of the chosen career path. The activities in this program offer skill development in the following areas:
      • Growth Mindset
      • Communication
      • Accuracy
      • Attention to Detail
      • Critical Thinking
      • Research
      • Creativity
  • Teamwork: Solving complex problems when thinking about sending humans to Mars or safely launching an air taxi fleet requires a team. Learning to work with others who have different backgrounds, diverse talents and opposing perspectives is a skill that must be taught and nurtured in a safe environment.
  • Leadership: The ability to create amazing things is only the first step to success. Effective public speaking, confidence and the ability to inspire are leadership skills that must be developed along the way.

The human connection and power of inspiration are essential to developing the next generation of aerospace leaders. It is up to us to create the connection that pushes these students to reach their full potential!

Safety First!

Safety Introduction Presentation
We have included a 30-minute safety presentation for you to use during your rocket program. We strongly encourage you review this with the students before a rocket launch to ensure all students and staff understand the proper procedures.


Proper Attire
Ensure students come dressed for indoor and outdoor activities and are prepared for warm temperatures. Below are some items to remind students to bring.

  • Closed toed shoes
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Water bottle

First Aid Kit
Be sure you have a first aid kit easily accessible in your facility. When going out to launch rockets, be sure to bring that kit with you and have it close by.


Fire Escape Route

In case of fire, ensure staff have been briefed on the fire safety escape plan.


In Case of Emergency
Always identify an ICE (In Case of Emergency) lead for your program and ensure all staff/students know who to contact during an emergency.


Media Release
We believe in the power of a good story.
We believe in the power of education.
We believe in the power of our youth.
We believe in the power of YOU.
Your mission, your efforts, and your passion improves the lives of children. Let’s share our stories together.


We want to share your success with rocketry to the world. Together we can share the inspiring stories of the youth, families, and the communities you serve.


Please share this release form with the parents of all students attending this program prior to the program starting and email the completed forms to us at We encourage parents to sign so we can all share the power of STEM education.


Send us pictures and videos from your program! Follow us on your favorite social media platforms @esteseducation and tag us!



Estes Rocket Kits

Estes Rocket Engines

Extra Wadding

Extra Starters

Building Supplies


Paint or Markers (depending on rocket kit)

Hobby Knife




Launch Supplies

Estes Launch Pad(s) & Launch Controller(s)

Water Source



First Aid Kit

Trash Bag or Bin

Other Supplies

Pens or Pencils (1 per student)

Markers, Colored Pencils, and/or Crayons

Paper (8.5 x 11)

Computer (for teacher use only)

Large Poster Sized Paper (24 x 36)

Masking or Duct Tape (enough rolls for groups of 2-4 students)

1 or 2 Liter Soda Bottles (one for every 2 students)

Cardstock, Cardboard or Manila Folders

Permanent Markers


Yard Stick


Water Bottle Rocket Launcher, such as Aquapod Bottle Launcher or StratoLauncher + StratoFins Water Launcher Kit

Bicycle Pump with pressure gauge, needed for the bottle launcher; note: do not use mechanically compressed air with launchers built with PVC pipe!

Large binder clips (1 per launch pad)

Fishing line OR smooth string

Long balloons (Many party supply stores carry variety packs that may include long balloons. Ask if they will special order packs of long balloons for you. The balloons become cylinders 5 inches in diameter and 24 inches long when inflated. They are sometimes called 524 (5 by 24 inches) airships. Find manufacturers and distributors by searching “524 balloons” online.)

Bathroom size (3 oz.) paper cup

2 straight drinking straws

50 small paper clips

Sandwich-size plastic bag

Masking tape

Small Rubber Bands



Physical Education Equipment

30 Small playground balls (ball pit balls, bean bags, or other small balls that are not to hard)
12 Pool noodles
2 Large bins (trash cans, etc.)
** below is a recommended list. (use whatever you have, get creative)**
Hula hoops
Jump ropes
Bean bags
Small toss rings
Whiffle ball bats
Playground balls
Blind folds

Optional Supplies (NOT Required)

Projector (not required but have an alternative for delivering lessons. You can also print them)
Computers OR cell phones (enough to split students into small groups)
Free video editing software (iMovie, Windows movie maker, etc.)

Microsoft PowerPoint
Skit props (or have students make their own!)
Paper cups
Popsicle sticks
Balloon hand pumps
Wooden spring-type clothespins

Estes Supporting Materials

Safety Presentation
Rocketry 101 Lesson
Rocket Academy Lesson
How to Get an Accurate Flight Lesson
Aerospace Careers Lesson
Vision Statement Worksheet
Aerospace Charade Cards
Be a Positive Influence Worksheet
Water Bottle Rocket Initial Design Worksheet
Water Bottle Rocket Revised Design Worksheet
Water Bottle Rocket Launch Score Card
Heavy Lift Rocket Mission Report Worksheet
Mission to Mars: Rocket Launch Scorecard
NASA Patent Portfolio
Estes Camper Awards

Camp Guide

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A. Vision Statement Worksheet

B. Aerospace Charade Cards

C. Be a Positive Influence Worksheet

D. Water Bottle Rocket Initial Design Worksheet

E. Water Bottle Rocket Revised Design Worksheet

F. Water Bottle Rocket Launch Score Card

G. Heavy Lift Rocket Mission Report Worksheet

H. Mission to Mars: Rocket Launch Scorecard

I. NASA Patent Portfolio

J. Estes Camper Awards

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