NASA Office of STEM engagement has multiple grant opportunities that seek to support building a diverse STEM workforce through authentic learning experiences. These highly competitive awards are for informal education institutions such as museums, libraries and youth serving organizations. Proposals must outline evidence-based educational approaches to provide STEM engagement opportunities that align with NASA’s mission.

Issuer: Federal Government
Awardee: Informal Education Institutions, Youth Programs, Non-profit
Amount: $20,000 +
Deadline: TBD 2022

1 thought on “NASA Office of STEM Engagement

    Trying to buy rocket supplies for my 6th grade class. I presently have 9 students. They were to build them with the help of the 1st graders. (population of 8). Both myself and 1st grade teacher are doing a space unit. I thought it would benefit both if the 6th graders were to mentor the 1st graders with this rocket idea.

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