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Incredible Experiences, Memorable Learning: The Green Eggs Classroom Kit


The Green Eggs Classroom Kit

Prepare your students for the careers of tomorrow with critical STEM skills

Green Eggs Classroom Kit

The Green Eggs Classroom Kit comes with 12 rockets, 24 engines, 2 launch pads, 2 controllers, and 2 PocketLabs. Everything you need to teach memorable stem concepts

Discover our New Unit Plans

Engage students in the engineering process. Collect data from the PocketLab. Optimize your rockets for future flights

Touch Down Lesson

Apply design skills to affect speed of descent

Power Up Cover

Transform potential energy to kinetic energy

Does Mass Matter Lesson

Discover how mass affects altitude, velocity and more

Hands on STEM

I'm New to Rocketry in the STEM Classroom

Want to bring rockets to your classroom but not sure where to start? We have you covered with rocketry basics from choosing a rocket to set up and launch. Estes Education is here to support you getting your lessons (and rockets) off the ground.

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Designed by teachers, for teachers. Standards-compliant, hands-on experiences for your students.

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