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  • 002207 – Rocket Stability Kit


    This kit provides students hands-on engineering experience while they learn how to design rockets, without the worry of finding a launch field. Through learning concepts such as center of gravity and center of pressure, students will put their problem-solving skills to the test as they attempt to build a stable rocket and test it with the Estes Rocket Holder.

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  • 009425 – Green Eggs Classroom Kit


    Intermediate Skill Level

    The Green Eggs Classroom Bundle provides 12 payload-ready rockets, 2 Lifetime Launch Systems, 2 Launch Controllers, 2 C11-3 bulk packs and 2 PocketLabs for an ‘egg-celent’ mission-driven launch experience. Use the PocketLab to track and analyze your rocket flight, then leverage this knowledge to optimize the flight for a variety of mission objectives!

    The Green Eggs Classroom Bundle can also be used to challenge students to loft an egg high into the air and recover it safely. The eggs are intended to simulate the fragile conditions of astronauts during orbital flight, and are used in rocketry competitions world-wide.

    • Everything you need for launch day!
    • Exciting, mission-driven launch experience!
    • Egg lofting at an educator’s budget!

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  • 009427 – Rocketry Challenge Starter Kit


    The Rocketry Challenge Starter set is designed to bring you into the adventure of competition rocketry. The first step to succeeding in these competitions is learning how to build, finish and launch a model rocket! The Rocketry Challenge Starter Set comes complete with 12 Estes Alpha rockets, 12 B6-4 engines, 2 LifeTime Launch Systems, and a pile of stickers to make each rocket unique.

    Learn the basics of building, finishing and painting a model rocket, then fly with the LifeTime Launch System!

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  • Sale!

    Blue Origin New Shepard (Builders Kit)


    Become part of the new generation of space travel by building your own scale model of Blue Origin’s New Shepard. Experience the engineering that goes into building a rocket when you craft this historic rocket. The New Shepard builder’s kit model is lighter than it’s ready to fly brother. This allows the rocket to soar to cloud busting altitudes of 700 ft. with at C6-5 engine. We are providing a piece of history that inspires kids to dream of a future filled with the wonders of space exploration. The Estes New Shepard model is made possible through a collaboration between Estes and Blue Origin’s foundation, Club for the Future. Thank you for supporting the Club to inspire the next generation!

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  • C11-3 Engine Bulk Pack


    In the C-class there are no engines more powerful than the C11-3. Use the Estes C11 engines for heavier rockets, like those with a PocketLab payload, or for larger drag profiles. The 3 second delay makes it optimal for rockets that will not have a long coast phase. For lighter rockets, or those with an aggressive aerodynamic profile, consider the C6-5 for the longer delay.

    PLEASE NOTE: This item will ship by US Postal Service only. You MUST HAVE a physical mailbox or post office box for delivery.

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  • EDU Large Parts Assortment


    Rise to the engineering challenge with this parts assortment! This bundle contains all the rocket parts and accessories you need to build up to two rockets that can fit a large egg. This parts assortment includes 2 different nose cone shapes to test and balsa wood to create your own fin designs. Engineer to success with this parts bundle.

    • Over 50 pieces
    • Balsa wood for fin design
    • Parts for 2 rockets
    • Create your own design
    • Payload capable

    Due to the holiday rush, shipping times may be longer than normal

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  • Gnome™


    Beginner Skill level

    The Estes® Gnome™ is chrome at its hottest! Standing just a little over 10 in. tall with super shiny chrome and sapphire blue colors, this is one great looking, mini engine powered cloud chaser that can reach altitudes of well over 800 ft. Recovery is reliable with its orange colored streamer for easy tracking after a superfast flight!

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  • Green Eggs™


    Intermediate Skill Level

    Test payload theories while creating an ‘egg-static’ rocket launching experience. This Egg lofting rocket is designed for C11 and D engines.

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  • Rocket Science Starter Set


    Includes an easy to assemble rocket with all pre-colored parts, launch equipment, two different engines, four starters, four starter plugs, twelve squares of recovery wadding and one Mini AltiTrak Altitude Tracker! Everything you need to conduct your very own “STEM experiment”!

    INCLUDES 2 ENGINES! (1 B6-4, 1 C6-5)

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  • Star Hopper Classroom Kit


    The Star Hopper Classroom Kit Includes :

    • 1 Star Hopper Bulk Pack
    • 1 1/2 A3-4T Engine Bulk Pack
    • 1 Lifetime Launch System
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  • Star Hopper™


    Beginner Skill level

    Based on rumored 1950s secret project to counter the “flying saucer threat.” The Estes Star Hopper is a no-glue, no-paint Beginner-Level kit that you can build and launch up to 400 feet all in the same day. Features detail-molded plastic parts, atomic-age styling, and a 18-inch streamer for recovery.

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  • Star Hopper™ Bulk Pack (12 PK)


    Beginner Skill level

    We designed the Star Hopper to provide students a model rocketry experience that reflects sci-fi rocket systems. The Star Hopper is ideal for a classroom of young students who don’t need to get into the construction process, but instead are launching a rocket to learn the basics of rocketry and explore possibilities of a future in STEM. Launching a rocket is an unforgettable experience for young students, and the Estes Star Hopper is sure to make an impact.

    The Star Hopper is designed to hit the launch pad as quickly as possible, making it ideal for programs with a limited amount of time to spend on rocketry activities.

    • No Cutting or adhesives required!
    • Build and fly the same day.
    • Futuristic design to excite and inspire!

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