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  • 002207 – Rocket Stability Kit


    This kit provides students hands-on engineering experience while they learn how to design rockets, without the worry of finding a launch field. Through learning concepts such as center of gravity and center of pressure, students will put their problem-solving skills to the test as they attempt to build a stable rocket and test it with the Estes Rocket Holder.

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  • 009425 – Green Eggs Classroom Kit


    Intermediate Skill Level

    The Green Eggs Classroom Bundle provides 12 payload-ready rockets, 2 Lifetime Launch Systems, 2 Launch Controllers, 2 C11-3 bulk packs and 2 PocketLabs for an ‘egg-celent’ mission-driven launch experience. Use the PocketLab to track and analyze your rocket flight, then leverage this knowledge to optimize the flight for a variety of mission objectives!

    The Green Eggs Classroom Bundle can also be used to challenge students to loft an egg high into the air and recover it safely. The eggs are intended to simulate the fragile conditions of astronauts during orbital flight, and are used in rocketry competitions world-wide.

    • Everything you need for launch day!
    • Exciting, mission-driven launch experience!
    • Egg lofting at an educator’s budget!

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  • Star Hopper Classroom Kit


    The Star Hopper Classroom Kit Includes :

    • 1 Star Hopper Bulk Pack
    • 1 1/2 A3-4T Engine Bulk Pack
    • 1 Lifetime Launch System
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