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C6-5 Engine Bulk Pack


The C6-5 is a high-thrust engine in the C class intended for mid-to lightweight rockets, or for rockets with an aggressive drag profile. Consider the C6-3 for heavy rockets, or those with a large drag profile, that need a longer delay.

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The C6-5 is a powerful engine with a long delay, making it a great choice to launch those lighter rockets to altitude. It’s the perfect choice for experimentation with payloads, and how mass can affect a rocket’s flight.

This bulk pack includes everything you need to launch 24 times on a powerful C engine. Perfect for use in a large flying field, where students and campers can really let their rocket soar!

Included in this bulk pack:

  • 24 C6-5 Engines
  • 30 Estes Starters
  • 24 Engine Plugs
  • 75 sheets of Recovery Wadding

2.8 in. (7.1 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.85 oz. (24.1 g)

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