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046009 – BT-80 Body Tube


• Add a second BT-80 body tube with a BT-80 tube coupler to be capable with 24 mm or 29 mm model rocket engines
• 23.5 inches (59.69 cm) in length

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This spiral wound, Kraft paper body tube is 23.5 inches in length and can be used as impressive single stage rocket, or it can be coupled with a second BT-80 Body Tube using our BT-80 Tube Couplers (PN 3178) to create a super-sized rocket capable of handling any of our 24 mm or 29 mm engines. To accomplish this, simply combine the BT-80 Body Tubes with our Laser Cut Ring Set (PN 068254) and it will be possible to create a TARC competition rocket that uses a single Estes 29 mm E16 or F15, a single Estes 24 mm C11, D12 and E12 engine or a 24 mm C11, D12 or E12 cluster rocket for added lift (additional Estes 24 and 29 mm motor mounting components required). To complete the massive size and power capabilities of the BT-80 Body Tubes, a TARC team can incorporate either NC-80K Blow Molded Nose Cone (PN 71035) or NC-80B Blow Molded Nose Cone (PN 3168) for an impressive and competitive egg lofting rocket.

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