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009425 – Green Eggs Classroom Kit

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Intermediate Skill Level

The Green Eggs Classroom Bundle provides 12 payload-ready rockets, 2 Lifetime Launch Systems, 2 Launch Controllers, 2 C11-3 bulk packs and 2 PocketLabs for an ‘egg-celent’ mission-driven launch experience. Use the PocketLab to track and analyze your rocket flight, then leverage this knowledge to optimize the flight for a variety of mission objectives!

The Green Eggs Classroom Bundle can also be used to challenge students to loft an egg high into the air and recover it safely. The eggs are intended to simulate the fragile conditions of astronauts during orbital flight, and are used in rocketry competitions world-wide.

  • Everything you need for launch day!
  • Exciting, mission-driven launch experience!
  • Egg lofting at an educator’s budget!

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The Green Eggs bundle is the perfect kit for a variety of classroom rocketry activities. Engage in the engineering process by collecting the data from the PocketLab, and leverage this information to design and optimize your rocket for future flights!

The Green Eggs rocket is a perfect introduction into the concept of egg lofting. Egg lofting is a spirited attempt to launch fragile eggs high into the sky, and try to get them to land without a splat! 

Eggs have traditionally been used in model rocketry as a proxy for astronauts returning from orbit. Compared to the forces around them, astronauts are extremely fragile upon reentry (and for their entire journey). Returning the eggs safely to the ground can be a fun engineering challenge, and has a clear connection to larger concepts.

The Green Eggs in the Classroom

The PocketLab is born from the desire to bring capable, affordable data recording to your classroom, and combined with rocketry it can bring some pretty incredible classroom experiences. Take the excitement of a rocket launch, and leverage the PocketLab to engage in a data driven, engineering process.

Use the PocketLab to collect your altitude, velocity, and a variety of other flight data so you and your students understand the results of your flight.

In addition to the Pocketlab, the Green Eggs bundle can be used for egg lofting. Egg lofting can make for an exceptionally challenging and engaging rocket launch, and the Green Eggs from Estes make that challenge accessible to builders of all skill levels. This challenge can be as simple as the attempt, but can include an exploration of recovery systems and descent rates.

Challenge your students to find the optimal recovery system to bring down the eggs as quickly as possible while still keeping them intact upon touchdown.

Eggs are commonplace in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC), and the Green Eggs rocket is a perfect introduction into egg lofting and can guide students to more ambitious rocketry goals. In model rocketry, an egg can simulate the need to appropriately slow the descent of astronauts en route back to earth. They represent just how fragile humans are when dealing with rocketry and velocity on a cosmic scale.

Included with this kit

Lifetime Launch System (2)

These 2 Lifetime Launch systems will get your classroom ready for new launches, year after year. No need to replace these with each class, they are designed to last a lifetime.

PocketLab (2)

The PocketLab Voyager can track your altitude, velocity, light exposure, magnetic fields, and so much more! The PocketLab can turn an exciting rocket launch into a data-driven, engineering lesson.

Large Transparent Payload Bay

The Green Eggs rocket can house up to 2 eggs, or a large variety of other payloads. The payload bay has significant volume and you can deliver a decent amount of mass (up to 2 eggs) on a D12-3 engine.

Through-the-wall Fins

These fins are balsa, and are attached to the engine mount through the airframe of the rocket. This significantly strengthens the fins and creates a durable rocket that will provide exciting launches, flight after flight.

Pre-slotted Body Tubes

The body tubes for the Green Eggs rocket come laser-cut with slots for the fins tabs to be positioned. This means no complex cuts, and your fins will come out perfectly aligned.

Recovery System

The Green Eggs rocket comes with a blue and white parachute that makes it easy to see in the sky, as well as create enough drag for this rocket to land safely with many payloads.

Tools and Supplies

What You Need to Build (Not Included)

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Carpenter’s Glue
  • Hobby Knife
  • Primer and Paint

What You Need to Launch (Not Included)

Engine Chart

Engine Projected Altitude
Without Payload
B4-2 86 ft
B6-4 92 ft
C5-3 325 ft
C6-3 286 ft
C11-5 300 ft
D12-7 713 ft
With the PockLab Payload
C5-3 274 ft
C11-3 259 ft
D12-5 655 ft
For Use With a 2 Egg Payload (Approx 4 oz payload)
D12-3 367 ft

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  1. John Eric Thompson

    Very cool and great learning package.

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