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EDU Large Parts Assortment


Rise to the engineering challenge with this parts assortment! This bundle contains all the rocket parts and accessories you need to build up to two rockets that can fit a large egg. This parts assortment includes 2 different nose cone shapes to test and balsa wood to create your own fin designs. Engineer to success with this parts bundle.

  • Over 50 pieces
  • Balsa wood for fin design
  • Parts for 2 rockets
  • Create your own design
  • Payload capable

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A large parts assortment designed to launch a large egg with a D or E engine. The parts included are BT-80 body tubes, BT-80 couplers, nose cones (2 different designs), engine mount kits, parachutes, shock cords and mounts, launch lugs, and balsa. This assortment includes enough materials for 2 complete rockets and is a great engineering activity to design, create, and launch your own rocket design. If new to rocketry, consider building a beginner or intermediate Estes kit to learn the basics of rocket construction and flight before designing from scratch with this assortment!


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