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Green Eggs Classroom Kit

A bundle with everything you need for Next-Level STEM

Green Eggs Classroom Kit

Teach engineering through experimentation and data analysis with our most popular product for the classroom. The Green Eggs Classroom Kit comes with 12 rockets, 24 engines, 2 launch pads, and 2 pocket labs. Everything you need to teach memorable STEM concepts.


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Touchdown Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will answer the question, “How does a parachute’s design affect the speed of descent of a model rocket?” The students will read a story about humans living on Mars in the year 2323. They must design a way to allow a rocket from Earth to land safely on their planet, Estesonia, as the rocket is carrying fragile, photovoltaic cells, their alternate energy source.

Shoot for the Stars

There had been strange lights in the sky before 1947, but never like this. In June of that year, an experienced civilian pilot reported “saucer-like discs” over Mount Rainier. By July, the papers were running stories about a rancher who discovered strange wreckage in the desert near Roswell. Accounts of mystery “aircraft” and other unknown aerial phenomena were gaining public attention. Something strange was going on and the people in charge wanted answers.

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Star Hopper Classroom Kit

Easy to build. Low cost. Empower your students.

Pair this easy-to-build rocket with one of our most memorable units. Students love Shooting for the Stars!


Generic E2X

Get Creative: Students can personalize their STEM adventure

Your students will love customizing the look of their Generic E2X rockets. They’ll exercise both sides of their brain with this inspiring rocket while they “aim for the moon!”

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Aiming for the Moon Cover

In this lesson, students will aim their rockets for the Moon! They will be challenged to launch a rocket that will reach an altitude of 800 feet- no more, no less. Students will take on the role of engineers for NASA who must choose the appropriate fuel supply for a rocket destined to the Moon.

Hands on STEM

I'm New to Rocketry in the STEM Classroom

Want to bring rockets to your classroom but not sure where to start? We have you covered with rocketry basics from choosing a rocket to set up and launch. Estes Education is here to support you getting your lessons (and rockets) off the ground.

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