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  • Star Hopper™


    Beginner Skill level

    Based on rumored 1950s secret project to counter the “flying saucer threat.” The Estes Star Hopper is a no-glue, no-paint Beginner-Level kit that you can build and launch up to 400 feet all in the same day. Features detail-molded plastic parts, atomic-age styling, and a 18-inch streamer for recovery.

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  • Star Hopper™ Bulk Pack (12 PK)


    Beginner Skill level

    We designed the Star Hopper to provide students a model rocketry experience that reflects sci-fi rocket systems. The Star Hopper is ideal for a classroom of young students who don’t need to get into the construction process, but instead are launching a rocket to learn the basics of rocketry and explore possibilities of a future in STEM. Launching a rocket is an unforgettable experience for young students, and the Estes Star Hopper is sure to make an impact.

    The Star Hopper is designed to hit the launch pad as quickly as possible, making it ideal for programs with a limited amount of time to spend on rocketry activities.

    • No Cutting or adhesives required!
    • Build and fly the same day.
    • Futuristic design to excite and inspire!

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  • AVG Bulk Pack (12 pk)


    Intermediate Skill Level

    The AVG Bulk Pack comes with twelve of the Estes favorites for a classroom environment: 4 of the Alpha, 4 of the Viking, and 4 of the Generic E2X rockets. 

    The Alpha, Viking and Generic E2X rockets utilize a variety of fin shapes and airframe sizes, and together these rockets are responsible for millions of successful rocket launches. They’ve been used by schools, scout groups and hobby organizations to provide an engaging entry into rocketry and a clear demonstration of the scientific principles at work.

    • Add the spice of variety to your rocketry activity!
    • Spans 2 difficulty levels, the perfect kit for every student!
    • 3 kits, so each student can pick their favorite!

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