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  • Alpha® Bulk Pack (12 pk)


    Intermediate Skill Level

    The Estes Alpha is the most popular rocket for educators and has been for the last 40 years. It remains the educators first choice because it has a history of safe launches, each student can make it their own, and it is flexible enough to teach a wide variety of valuable STEM principles. All this bundled around an unforgettable experience that will certainly go down as one of the best days of the year. Millions of people remember their first launch with the Estes Alpha. 

    • A legendary rocket that’s earned its name!
    • Versatile teaching tool.
    • Millions of successful launches!

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  • ORBIS™ 3D Bulk Pack (12 pack)


    Intermediate Skill Level

    3D printing technology has made its way to the forefront of scientific learning and technology development, and the Orbis is a great entry point for beginners. The Orbis challenges students to 3D print several of their own components from ready-made designs, opening them up to the incredible possibilities that 3D printing can provide. Students take those printed components, pair it with a lightweight airframe, and blast off toward the sky!

    • Early entry path into 3D printing.
    • No CAD required!
    • Various STL files for wholly unique rockets!
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