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  • 003552 – Pro Series II™ Launch Pad

    • Launch all your Pro Series II rockets
    • Compatible with most mid-powered rockets
    • Easy to assemble and transport
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  • Blast-Off® Bulk Pack


    The Blast-Off Bulk Pack includes a variety of different engines – perfect for experimentation. These engines will allow your students or campers to test rockets across a range of impulse options. This bulk pack includes 6 A8-3 engines, 6 B6-4 engines, 6 C6-3, and 6 C6-5 engines!

    PLEASE NOTE: This item will ship by US Postal Service only. You MUST HAVE a physical mailbox or post office box for delivery.

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  • ORBIS™ 3D Bulk Pack (12 pack)


    Intermediate Skill Level

    3D printing technology has made its way to the forefront of scientific learning and technology development, and the Orbis is a great entry point for beginners. The Orbis challenges students to 3D print several of their own components from ready-made designs, opening them up to the incredible possibilities that 3D printing can provide. Students take those printed components, pair it with a lightweight airframe, and blast off toward the sky!

    • Early entry path into 3D printing.
    • No CAD required!
    • Various STL files for wholly unique rockets!
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