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The rocket criteria change every year. Find the most up-to-date rules on the Rocketry Challenge Website.

Each year, approximately 5,000 students from across the country come together to design, build, and launch custom-made model rockets for a chance to win a share of $100,000 in scholarships and prizes in the school-year long endeavor of The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC). The top 100 teams will make it through to the national fly-off and only one team will represent the United States for the International Rocketry Challenge! If you’re ready to take on The American Rocketry Challenge, we have put together the best information, supplies and resources for you to help you WIN!

A Beginner's Guide to the Challenge

We have compiled all you will need to know to start your rocketry challenge journey! Learn the basics with our The American Rocketry Challenge guide.

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A Beginner's Guide to the Challenge

Tarc Beginner Guide Pages

Learn from Experts

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Learn from Experts

Estes Education is hosting online webinars to support your success in the American Rocketry Challenge. These sessions are open to anyone interested in participating in The American Rocketry Challenge!



Topics include:

  • Understanding the Model Rocketry Basics
  • Building and Designing Custom Rockets
  • Learning from Seasoned Experts
  • Optimizing your American Rocketry Challenge Rocket to Win
Join us to discover what it takes to build a winning rocket!

Win with Estes Products!

Estes Education is proud to partner with The American Rocketry Challenge. We have what you need to help your team WIN! As the world leader in model rocketry since 1958, we’re equipped to provide you with the highest quality rocket parts, the most reliable engines, and the best resources.

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Register for The American Rocketry Challenge by December to receive 30% off Estes Education products for the duration of the year’s challenge. To receive your discount, orders should be placed directly with Estes Education or Customer Service.

To learn the basics of rocketry and get some essential launch materials, we recommend starting with a beginner or introductory kits:

Rocketry Challenge Starter Kit

Green Eggs Classroom Bundle

Green Eggs Classroom Kit


Once you are ready to create and design your own model rockets, check out our kits and packages that allow for many possibilities:

Rocket Stability Kit

Rocket Stability Kit

Designers Special

Designers Special


Find All You Need with Estes!

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Launch Supplies

Rocket Parts

Building Supplies




OpenRocket Simulator – A free, fully featured model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before actually building and flying them.

RockSim – RockSim allows you to take your cool rocketry ideas, and flush out the concept to see if they’ll be stable when you launch them. Free 30 day trail.

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