What Is A Flying Model Rocket?


What Is A Flying Model Rocket?

Estes flying model rockets are safe activity kits made of lightweight materials such as paper tubing, balsa wood, and plastic. Fins attached to the body tube help provide guidance and stability. An engine mount assembly holds the engine in place during rocket flight in most models.

diagram of a model rocket

How Does a Model Rocket Work?

The Estes model rocket is propelled into the air safely by an electrically ignited model rocket engine. After its acceleration, the rocket continues upward emitting tracking smoke as it coasts. At the rocket’s peak altitude (also called apogee), a recovery device, such as a parachute or streamer, is deployed to return the rocket gently to earth. Because of the recovery system and durable materials used, our rockets are reusable! Just add another engine and your ready to launch.



Are Model Rockets Safe?

Yes! Flying model rockets is actually safer than playing soccer or football! The key to safely flying model rockets is to follow the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Model Rocket Safety Code


How Do I Start?

If you've never used model rockets in your classroom, we recommend starting with our Model Rocketry 101 online course. This comprehensive program equips you with the confidence and knowledge to guide students through building and launching rockets safely.

We also have a number of helpful training videos (like How To: Launch with a Large Group) over on our YouTube channel and new content shared regularly on our Facebook and Instagram!

Once you're ready to launch, explore our wide range of model rocket kits and bulk packs. Our beginner kits feature simple assembly with minimal or no glue needed, perfect for younger students. Intermediate rockets allow students to dive deeper into the build process and require gluing, sanding, and optional painting. Finally, advanced kits are the most challenging, yet offer the most customization - perfect for experienced builders or older students. We have exciting options available no matter the budget, age or skill level!

And don't forget, we have dozens of FREE lesson and unit plans available to download that are easy to integrate into your curriculum.

With Estes Education, you can transform your classroom into a launching pad for creativity, problem-solving, and scientific exploration!

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