Cosmic Club brings rocketry straight to you!


Experience immersive STEM education firsthand with our dynamic space-themed activities! Dive into the fundamentals of STEM, explore authentic space artifacts up close, and ignite curiosity by launching model rockets with your group!

Cosmic Club is designed to bring the excitement of space exploration directly to your camp, classroom, club, youth program or any group dynamic, and has custom tailored programs for all age ranges!

  • Planet Party Grades K-2
  • Astronaut Training Camp Grades 3-5
  • Flawless Flight Path Grades 6-8
  • It's Rocket Science Teacher PD or Student Demo

Check out the different programs below, and we'll handle the logistics to ensure an action-packed session full of hands-on learning and fun!

Please note that Cosmic Club is currently exclusive to Colorado programs and does not qualify for the 20% educator discount.

Planet Party | Grades K-2

Planet Party | Grades K-2

Kindergarten through second grade students will learn about planets, play games, watch a model rocket launch, and get their own take home activity booklet with space-themed activities!

Overview of Program (2 hours; 25 kids):
  • What's In Space Drawing
  • Planet Space Run Game
  • Design a Planet
  • Group Rocket Build and Launch
  • Explore Space Artifact – Lunar rock

Astronaut Training Camp | Grades 3-5


Astronaut Training Camp | Grades 3-5

Students in third through fifth grade will take their very own astronaut training course, explore the forces of flight, and work in groups to build and launch model rockets!

Overview of Program (3 hours; 25 kids):
  • Space Word Search
  • Astronaut Fitness Training
  • Forces of Flight Stations
  • Rocket Build and Launch in Groups
  • Explore Space Artifact – Replica Astronaut Gloves

Flawless Flight Paths | Grades 6-8

Flawless Flight Paths | Grades 6-8

Sixth through eighth grade students will tackle the engineering design behind rocket recovery systems, and compete in a landing zone contest with model rockets they build and launch in small groups.

Overview of Program (3 hours; 25 kids):
  • Team Name and Rocket Logo Design
  • Beanbag and Parachute Flightpaths
  • Rocket Recovery System Design
  • Rocket Build and Launch in Small Teams
  • Explore Space Artifact - Blue Origin Parachute Material

It's Rocket Science | Custom Program


It's Rocket Science | Custom Program

This new offering can be catered to your school's needs! Make your next professional development day a blast with model rocketry training. Learn how to launch safely and practice with trained professionals so you can confidently launch with your students. Or have us come out to launch at Field Days, assemblies, or for individual classes.

Overview of Program (1-2 hours, customizable):
  • For Teachers: Model Rocketry Training, Launching Safely with Students, Free Lesson Plans, Build and Launch Rockets in Groups
  • For Students: Model Rocket Basics and Safety, Rocket Launch

Cosmic Club is Designed to Support


Summer Camps

Struggling with camp programming? Or looking for a fun afternoon activity to get your campers excited? Let us send out a trained staff member to run an all-in-one Cosmic Club program! With activities specifically tailored to the age ranges of your campers, there’s something here for everyone.

Local Schools

Cosmic Club is a valuable program that offers standards-based, hands-on, real-world-applicable STEM lessons in a fun and exciting group setting! Whether you’re looking for programming, or to kick-start your own STEM, Science, or rocketry club, Cosmic Club is a great place to start.

Your Events

Attention parents! Cool programs like this aren’t just limited to camps and schools. We’ll send a trained staff member and all the necessary materials to your group’s location too. Gift your kid the most epic birthday party or put together the coolest club in town!