Estes Education provides educators with the tools for success through our products, lessons, and support. Estes has been a leader in STEM education for 63 years, reaching 500,000 students annually. We believe in the interdisciplinary nature of the STEM disciplines and strive to ensure students are prepared for an ever-changing workforce. All education content includes 21st century skills and complimentary NGSS and/or Common Core standards. Estes ensures the success of every educator so they can easily implement rocketry in their classrooms, youth programs, and beyond.

We want to make sure you have all the skills and confidence to use our products. For this reason we strive to go above and beyond with initiatives such as free educator training to learn the basics of rocketry, how to set up a flying field, finding the right product or lesson, and additional tips for success. We tailor the training to your classroom or program!

  • Nicole B Headshot

    Nicole Bayeur, Director of Education

    Nicole is on a mission to improve science education for youth across the nation. Trained in biology and child psychology, she has a background in teaching elementary school science and 6 years’ experience in the education industry. In addition, she leads teams of educators to a school in Haiti to share science teaching techniques and collaborate on science laboratory programs. Her passion for teaching drives her to lead the education programs at Estes with a vision to empower educators through model rocketry education programs that transform student performance.

  • Nicole S Headshot

    Nicole Sjoblom, PhD, Partnership & Outreach Manager

    Born and raised in Vermont, Nicole fell in love with STEM after her first Estes rocket launch at the age of 8. She went on to receive her Ph.D. in Biochemistry as a National Science Foundation fellow, actively leading community outreach and initiatives. Nicole has worked with several organizations, schools, and universities to teach and create successful programming. Nicole has many passions that she brings to the Estes Education team including advocating for STEM, effectively communicating science, and making education inclusive. Her favorite rocket is the Green Eggs Rocket because of its size and clear payload section, perfect for fun payloads including the Pocket Lab!

  • Nicole F Headshot

    Nicole Freyschlag, Education Manager

    Nicole is a former teacher and chemist at heart and believes in using the power of science to help people understand and appreciate this beautiful world. Nicole taught middle and high school science for 8 years – from life science and genetics to physics and chemistry – and uses that experience to develop curriculum at Estes. She has also led trainings for educators internationally in Nepal and Uganda to share best practices in instructional and classroom management strategies. Her hope is to get more students access to engaging and memorable learning experiences in rocketry while making the process as easy as possible for teachers.

  • Lara Liu Headshot

    Content Creator Lara Liu - HS Science

    Lara is a seasoned educator with a BA in Chemistry from Wellesley College and an MA in Secondary Education, with an emphasis on English Learners, from San Francisco State University. With 20 years of experience teaching high school physics and chemistry, she now channels her passion for science education into her role at Estes, where she focuses on high school content curriculum development. In her previous roles, Lara held the titles of Science Department Chair and District Chemistry Curriculum Lead, while she also served on the Physics Curriculum Committee. It was in these curriculum positions that Lara discovered a passion for developing inclusive and engaging curriculum. In her free time, Lara indulges her adventurous spirit with off-roading, navigating the road less traveled. She also enjoys making pine needle baskets, reflecting her attention to detail and love of nature. In each of her roles - from creating dynamic curricula to navigating untamed trails and crafting intricate baskets - Lara consistently embraces adventure, precision, and a deep-rooted appreciation for the natural world.

  • Ellen Lin Headshot

    Content Creator Ellen Lin - HS Science and Engineering

    Ellen is a National Board Certified physics teacher who has taught all levels of physics and various technology and science classes in NY and CA. A former mechanical engineer, she specialized in airfoil inspection and facilitated training for large and small groups. She also taught private music classes for more than 15 years. As STEM teachers, Ellen’s parents instilled in their children a passion for exploring their world, as she has done with her own children. She brings her diverse background to Estes with the goal of furthering the mission of making it possible for every K-12 student to experience a rocket launch. Ellen has recently immersed herself in learning about sustainable food.

  • Kelly Turley Headshot

    Content Creator Kelly Turley - K-8 STEM

    Kelly has been working with kids for over 20 years. She started as a National Board- Certified teacher with North Carolina public schools and then got her Master’s degree in School Administration. She stepped away from the school system to open her own child development center, Sprouts, with her best friend in High Point, NC. There, she infuses movement and play into learning to help kids grow. Sprouts has piloted some of the rocketry summer camp programs that Estes has created. She loves working with the Estes crew and is excited to keep the learning flowing!