Rocket and Role - Youth Program Guide

Grades 5-10 | 1 (7 Hour) Day

Topics Covered

Aerospace Careers

Rocket and Role - Youth Program Guide


Students will explore the many careers involved in aerospace, through acting (the perfect summer activity, right?!). Students have the chance to be a human model rocket and create their own skit about a famous person in the aerospace field. They will also build and launch a rocket, the best part! The day will wrap up with a review of the professions and brainstorming their biggest role – their future careers!



  • Aerospace Charades Cards
  • Rocketry 101 Slide Presentation
  • Projector (If not available print slides or improvise with white board)
  • Aerospace Career Slide Presentation
  • Paper
  • Pens/Markers
  • Laptop Computers with Internet Access
  • Estes Star Hopper Rocket Kits
  • Estes Engines and Launch Materials (Recovery Wadding, Plugs, Starters)
  • Launch System
  • Cones
  • Camera(optional)

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