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B6-0/B6-6 Engine Bulk Pack


The first two-stage rocket was patented by Robert Goddard, one of the godfather’s of rocketry. This patent marks a key innovation, a breakthrough that made the modern era of spaceflight possible. This set of engines can be used in a variety of Estes two-stage rockets, replicating the successes of Goddard himself, and is a unique way to introduce campers or students to modern rocketry and engineering.

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This bulk pack comes with 12 B6-0 engines, as well as 12 B6-6 engines. It is designed for the launch and recovery of 12 two-stage rockets, firing off both engines in succession to increase the rocket’s potential height.

The B6-0 goes into the first stage of a two-stage rocket, and has no delay on the ejection charge. After spending the propellant, the charge fires off and ignites the upper stage engine, the B6-6, causing separation and another thrust phase in the rocket’s flight. After expending both engines, the rocket coasts to apogee when the second engine fires off the ejection charge and deploys the recovery system.

Included in this bulk pack:

  • 12 B6-0 Engines
  • 12 B6-6 Engines
  • 20 Estes Starters
  • 12 Engine Plugs
  • 75 sheets of Recovery Wadding

2.8 in. (7.1 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.55 – .64 oz. (15.6 – 18.1 g)


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