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002226 – Mini AltiTrak™ Altitude Tracker


Take learning to new heights with this low-cost technology solution for tracking model rocket altitude. These small, easy to transport altitude tracking devices allow for students to track flight data, analyze and graph! Coming in a 3 pack, this makes it easier on your wallet so you can provide engaging learning opportunities for your students.

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Need a savior from a boring classroom, but want to keep it educational? Introduce the Mini AltiTrak to your rocketry activity to engage students in the engineering process. It’s not just about data collection and analysis, but about having the tools and resources to understand what is truly happening when the rocket flies through the air. 

The Mini AltiTrak uses a gravity protractor to present the angle from your body to the apogee of your rocket flight. With the distance from the launchpad to your body, use simple geometry to calculate the height of your rocket flight, then challenge your students to engineer solutions to optimize their rocket’s altitude!

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