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Ever wonder what the view is like from 900 feet high? Well, wonder no more! The Estes Astrocam® flying model rocket allows you to to capture audio and video from a rocket in flight. The Estes Astrocam® is a marvel of rocketry design combined with twenty-first century electronic miniaturization. It comes equipped with its own high-definition digital video camera and a specially engineered nosecone to house the camera during flight. The video footage is so clear and realistic, it’s almost like being there!


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Customer Reviews

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Michael Venuti (Schenectady, NY)
Test flight

My grandson was able to assemble and launch the Astro within a couple of hours. Our bfirst launch served as a test flight using a streamer instead of parachute and without camera. The rocket performed well. Next flight will be with parachute and camera.

Andrew K. (Henrietta, NY)
Should have gotten one many years ago

As a kid in the 1970's I used to love looking at the Estes catalog. I used to always check out the rockets and different sized engines at KB Toy and Hobby Shop at the mall. I am now 52 and bought my first rocket set for my 6 year old son. My only complaint is why did I wait so long?

How do I charge the camera

If the camera were to run out of batteries, how would I charge it? Does it even run out of batteries? I really like the camera and have been using it for many different projects because of its small size and high quality.

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