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Nike Smoke Pro Series II™

Nike Smoke Pro Series II™

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Unleash the Thrill of Mid-Powered Rocketry

Experience the excitement and adrenaline of advanced rocketry with the Estes Pro Series II Nike Smoke Model Rocket! Designed for expert rocketeers, this model ensures an exhilarating launch experience, pushing the boundaries of your rocket-building skills! Each launch is a spectacular event, showcasing the might of advanced engineering and expert craftsmanship!

Impressive Altitude and Performance

Powered by robust 29MM engines, the Pro Series II Nike Smoke can reach an impressive altitude of 600 feet! The sheer power of these engines propels the rocket into the sky, offering a breathtaking display of speed and precision! Whether you're looking to break your own altitude records or simply enjoy the thrill of a powerful launch, the Nike Smoke delivers every time!

Reliable Recovery System

Every launch is not just about the ascent but also the safe return of your rocket. The Pro Series II Nike Smoke features a reliable recovery system with a 24" parachute. This ensures a safe and controlled descent, protecting your investment and allowing you to relaunch and enjoy the experience over and over again!

Sleek and Stunning Design

Inspired by the classic NASA Nike Smoke sounding rocket, this 1:5.5 scale model not only looks stunning on the launch pad but also performs with precision and reliability! The sleek design and attention to detail make it a standout piece in any rocket enthusiast's collection. Its aesthetics are matched by its performance, ensuring that it not only flies well but also looks impressive during flight and on display!

A Challenging and Rewarding Build

Whether you're a seasoned rocketeer or looking to advance your skills, the Pro Series II Nike Smoke offers a challenging and rewarding build! The complexity of the assembly process is perfect for those seeking to enhance their expertise and enjoy the satisfaction of constructing a high-performance model rocket. Each component is crafted with precision, ensuring a seamless build process that results in a robust and reliable rocket!

Take Your Rocketry to New Heights

With the Estes Pro Series II Nike Smoke, your rocketry adventures will soar beyond expectations! This expertly crafted model is designed to deliver powerful performance and an unforgettable launch experience. Designed for expert rocket enthusiasts who seek the excitement of sophisticated builds and launches, this legendary model has been revived from the archives to deliver a new era of high-flying adventure! Take your passion for rocketry to new heights with the Estes Pro Series II Nike Smoke and create unforgettable memories with every launch!

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Customer Reviews

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William Slaughter (Houston, TX)

cuts in the fin centering ring were much to narrow to get the fin in - required a lot of relieving. Should have included rail guides or rail buttons for a rocket of this size and capability.

Bill Ziz (Beaverton, OR)
Nike smoke 3"

Nice kit, good build, especially the fins. Very sturdy and look good painted.


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