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Pro Series II™ Parts Assortment

Pro Series II™ Parts Assortment

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Introducing the Pro Series Parts Assortment - a comprehensive toolkit for rocket enthusiasts of all levels. This assortment includes a range of precision-crafted components such as plastic blow mold nose cones in both BT70 and BT80 sizes, body tubes in corresponding dimensions, tube couplers, engine mount tubes, centering rings, rail guides, plywood bulkheads, shock cord mounts, and more. With compatibility features like the BT70 to BT80 adapter and engine retainer sets, this assortment offers endless possibilities for crafting unique rockets. It's designed to inspire creativity and innovation, providing ample room for you to let your imagination run wild. Please note that no detailed instructions are included, leaving room for your own design concepts to take center stage. Each assortment contains enough components to build and test at least two distinct designs, ensuring you have room to experiment and refine your rocket creations. Embark on a rocketry journey with the Pro Series Parts Assortment and see where your imagination takes you!

This assortment includes:

  • 1 - BT70 Plastic Blow Mold Nose Cone
  • 1 - BT80 Plastic Blow Mold Nose Cone
  • 1 - BT70 to BT80 Plastic Blow Mold Adapter
  • 2 - BT70 24" Body Tube
  • 2 - BT80 24" Body Tube
  • 2 - BT70 3" Tube Coupler
  • 2 - BT80 3" Tube Coupler
  • 2 - 24mm 3.5" Engine Mount Tubes
  • 2 - 24mm Engine Retainer Set
  • 2 - 29mm Engine Retainer Set
  • 1 - 24mm to 29mm Engine Adaptor Set
  • 1 - BT70 24mm Centering Rings
  • 1 - BT80 24mm Centering Rings
  • 4 - Rail Guides
  • 1 - BT70 29mm Centering Rings
  • 1 - BT80 29mm Centering Rings
  • 2 - BT70 Plywood Bulk Head
  • 2 - BT80 Plywood Bulk Head
  • 2 - Shockcord Mounts
  • 2 - Bulk Head Screw Eye
  • 4 - 12"x4"x1/8" Balsa Sheets
  • 1 - 18" Red Nylon Parachute
  • 1 - 15" Red Nylon Parachute
  • 1 - BT-70 Fin Marking Template
  • 2 - 29mm 8" Engine Mount Tubes
  • 2 - Shock Cords
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