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Pro Series II™ 2.5" OD Body Tube

Pro Series II™ 2.5" OD Body Tube

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2.5″ OD x 15.5″ body tube.

Unslotted 15.5" body tube used in the Pro Series II 9702 Partizon and 9703 Argent model rockets. Can also be used in designing your own rocket!

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Customer Reviews

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Great tube for upscales of smaller designs

Love the Pro Series line of Body Tubes. Been using these 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 inch tubes for the bases of a number of builds. I like to upscale Estes smaller rockets and what better way to do so than with genuine Estes parts.

The outer layer is smooth and easy to paint. The wall thickness is heavier than the normal tubes so you get a very sturdy build. I hope they keep these available for a while as I have a ton of rockets I want to build.

Only complaint is that the 2.5" tube couplers don't seem to be in stock any longer. Otherwise it's a great product.

Tech Dave
031390 - Pro Series II™ 2.5" OD Body Tube

031390 - Pro Series II™ 2.5" OD Body Tube
This tube looks similar to a regular tube with a last wrapping of a white cover, so you won't HAVE to paint the tube. This is a quality, sturdy tube that measures TWICE the wall thickness of "regular" body tubes. ***NOTE: THIS TUBE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH BT-80 TUBES! *** It is just 1-2 mm smaller and slides inside the BT-80, so make sure you get the correct nose cone (072413 - Pro Series II™ 2.5" Nose Cone).
These were the measurements I got:
ID: 2.46 in. (6.24 cm)
OD: 2.49 in. (6.33 cm)
W: (0.9 mm)
Length: 15.5 in. (39.35 cm)
Weight : 1.998 oz. (56.65 g)

Sturdy Kraft paper body tubes with white finish. Although you

Sturdy Kraft paper body tubes with white finish. Although you can see the seams they are smooth and should take paint nicely.

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