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Estes Rockets

B6-4 engines

B6-4 engines

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The Estes B6-4 Rocket Engine 3-Pack is a medium engine pack that delivers high altitude flights. As a standard 18mm single-stage engine, this is designed for larger, heavier rockets.

Estes 1606 B6-4 Engine Bulk Pack package includes --

  • 3 B6-4 Engines
  • 4 starters 
  • 4 starter plugs

B6-4 Rocket Engine 3-Pack is best used in the rocket kits below - 

  • 0651 Der Red Max
  • 1225 Alpha
  • 1256 Alpha III
  • 1261 Baby Bertha
  • 1292 Wizard
  • 1329 Multi-Roc
  • 1946 Boosted Bertha
  • 1948 Big Bertha
  • 1949 Viking
  • 2008 Generic E2X
  • 2021 Cadet
  • 2056 US Army Patriot
  • 2092 Mongoose
  • 2113 Starbase
  • 2126 Tech-Pak

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2.8 in. (7 cm)


18 mm

Estimated Weight

.63 oz. (17.9 g)

Total Impulse

5.00 N-sec

Time Delay

4 Seconds

Estimated Max Lift Weight

4.0 oz (113 g)

Max Thrust

12.10 Newtons (2.7 lbs)

Thrust Duration

0.80 Seconds

Initial Weight

0.63 oz (17.8 g)

Propellant Weight

0.23 oz (6.5 g)

Quantity Per Pack


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