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Viking™ Bulk Pack (12 pk)

Viking™ Bulk Pack (12 pk)

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The Estes Viking rocket is a versatile and highly customizable rocket that offers the ultimate high-performance flying experience. Here are some of the features and benefits of this popular rocket:

  • Customizable fins. With three, four, or five fins and 48 possible arrangements, the Viking rocket is perfect for aerodynamics comparison studies. The flexible fins allow for unique flying experiences every time you launch.

  • Intermediate kit. The Viking rocket is an easy-to-build intermediate kit that comes with a molded nose cone, single-piece body tube, card stock fins, and self-stick decals. It requires simple painting and is a friction fit, standard engine rocket.

  • High performance. The Viking rocket can reach heights over 1,600 feet. Then it will drift back to earth on a bright streamer, offering an exciting and unforgettable flying experience.

  • Economical bulk pack. The Viking is the most economical bulk pack rocket, making it a great choice for those on a tight budget.

Whether you're a experienced rocket lover or a newbie, the Estes Viking rocket is an excellent choice for a high-performance and customizable flying experience.

The Viking in the Classroom

The Viking provides a unique experience for your students, where no two rockets will come out alike. With the wide range of fin configurations, the Viking allows students to decide for themselves which is likely to provide the most altitude.

Where the Viking really shines is with drag comparison. Because it can be built with a wide variety of fin configurations, each rocket from your classroom is likely to perform differently. It gives students the ability to decide for themselves what is likely to perform the best, build it the way they want, and then test their hypothesis during the launch.

Tools and Supplies

What You Need to Build (Not Included)

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Carpenter’s Glue
  • Hobby Knife
  • Masking Tape
  • Primer and Paint

What You Need to Launch (Not Included)

Engine Chart


Projected Altitude

1/2A6-2 166 ft
A8-3 457 ft
A8-5 466 ft
B4-4 909 ft
B6-6 932 ft
C6-5 1,646 ft
C6-7 1,655 ft


Technical Specifications

Projected Max Altitude

1600 ft. (488 m)

Recovery System

18 in. (45.7 cm) Streamer


12.1 in. (30.7 cm)


0.74 in. (19 mm)

Estimated Weight

0.6 oz. (17 g)

Estimated Assembly Time

1 Hour (painting and glue drying time not included)

Fin Materials


Decal Type


Launch System

Porta-Pad II and Electron Beam Launch Controller

Launch Rod Size


Age Recommendation

Estes model rocketry is recommended for boys and girls ages 10+ with adult supervision for those under 12, and rocketeers of all ages.

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